Cie & Mar io - Coastal City


Release 14th July! Out now! Please find it here:
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After the successful debut "Heartland" the synthesizers of Cie and Mar io glowed again to produce more tracks under the joint project. Right in time for summer, the "Sunset Mix" first appears on the horizon, and the name says it all. Sublime, long chords with beautiful melodies are forming the warm sand in which one would like to linger for a long time. A soulful track that should be listened to especially open air on the beach.
Barbaros then invites you to dance on the promenade with thick beats. The evening is ushered in here and the day fades into the background. Relaxed grooves, percussions, pads and basses take over and your legs just do not want to stand still anymore. We stroll on to the first bars when the typically groovy sound of Gunman reaches us. Here it becomes South American, the shakers rattle and the groove sweeps everyone away. This is where the essence of the "Coastal City" really comes into its own. When it has long been dark we move on and between two houses we discover a vaulted cellar. Cie and Mar io are currently playing their "Original Jam Mix" here. Reduced to the essentials, the track stomps off and paralyzes the stop button on the sequencer, because it is still played live here.
Four tracks for everyone who is looking for the beautiful, musical side of summer.

V/A - Treasures


Out now! Please find it here:
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Precious and unexpected musical treasures could be found at the lighthouse of Form & Terra Records: The treasure chest "Treasures" contains new versions of our previously released vinyl records. The first find comes from Mar io's studio and is reissuing Cie's first publication on Form & Terra Records. "Auf Los" shines in a new guise and suddenly comes across as shimmering trance. The track reflects the atmosphere and warmth of the original by Cie from his eponymous EP and goes beyond genre boundaries. An incredibly groovy acid pearl is waiting for the treasure hunter immediately afterwards. Zweig puts his unmistakable signature on Mar io's "We're Living For" with the remix. Turn fog and strobe on! Since the treasure chest contains a number of pearls, a new version of "Through the Night" should not be missing, which is fittingly contributed by Mar io himself. Here, a groovy Acid House baseline combines with familiar elements from the original to create a sizzling mixture that could hardly taste better. Peter F. Spiess has also created a new version and has mixed a good portion of dub into the oats of his "Celluloid Pony". He rides far into unimagined worlds and does not forget his strikingly minimal melodies, which made the original from the record "Get Together" (formnterra003) so successful. A very deep remix of Prakash's "Numbers Talk" by Maxie König sparkles at the treasure hunter as a final treasure. The track has a strong unique groove and the chords and strings of the original, which is also released on the vinyl "Get Together", are placed in a pulsating new context. Five wonderful tracks for all treasure hunters eager to discover on the dance floor.

Cie & Mar io - Heartland


Out now, November 19th! Please find it here:
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Cie and Mar io, the artists of the first two releases on Form & Terra Records, have known each other for over twenty years, but the previous musical collaboration has been limited to mutual remixes. While jamming together, the idea developed to work on new tracks together. The nights in the studio were long, the sequencers and synthesizers were running hot and "Heartland" as the first joint EP of the two artists was gradually formed. "Heartland" is down-to-earth, dust-dry but irresistibly groovy and the original mix transfers the heat of the night to the dance floor with a lot of power and fire. After these fireworks the dance floor can also jump straight into the "Starland Mix": wonderful synthesizer sounds take you into the deep, glittering spheres of the sky without having to think about the way back. There the immensely driving groove of "Cursed Toms" is already waiting to bring everyone back to the ground. The track grabs like a suction and immediately draws everyone deeper and deeper into the dance. Then Zweig shows "Heartland" from a bird's eye view with his remix and sets wonderful melodic accents in his happy, light flight, which conveys the feeling of freedom with its fine melodies. The darker side of "Heartland", on the other hand, is hypnotic and driving: M. Sylvia's "Chicago Remix" is a first-class sound storm and leads deeper and deeper into the hidden corners of a dark club. M. Sylvia thus provides a strong exclamation mark at the end of this EP!

V/A - Get Together Remixes


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After the successful vinyl release "Get Together", the journey through the fantastic soundscapes is now being continued digitally. The four original travel diaries by Peter F. Spiess, Cie, Prakash and Markus Funke are updated in a unique way by the remixers Mar io, November Reign, TIS and Cie.
The journey begins with Mar io's remix of "Celluloid Pony", which is fed with its unique lines and sounds. The pony is saddled again and rides towards the sea with a boost of new energy. There the Dub Techno monster "Levissima" rises from the depths to shake the dance floors. November Reigns Remix bursts its bonds with his driving beat and the cleverly used dub elements. This is where TIS comes in, with his remix of "Wolkenburg" floating loosely and lightly through the atmosphere and weaving his style with the elements of the original. On the last stage, Cie creates melodies, pads and pounding beats in his remix of "Numbers Talk" to push the flight to a new dimension and to usher the final of this fantastic trip.

Mar io - We're Living For EP


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After the strong vinyl release "Through The Night", there is now Mar io's often missed original version of the vinyl remix "We're living for" by Patrick Lindsey. In addition, there are four more outstanding and versatile remixes, so that a completely new EP has emerged, which now complements and completes the vinyl release in digital form.
Cie begins with his version of "We're living for", which picks up on the melodic aspects of the original and transforms them to a smooth, groovy level. Afterwards Ucleden parties hard with his version of "Through The Night" and with its irresistible beat he transforms the dance floor into an earthquake area. Mar io himself delivers the soundtrack for the afterparty with his new "Morning Mix" version and finally there is a special track: Peter F. Spiess was inspired by the second vinyl release of Form & Terra, so that he produced a wonderfully independent, detailed and playful electro version of "Through The Night", which completes the EP perfectly.

Cie - Wellenweiter (Mar io Remix)


Free download: Please download here Cie's track "Wellenweiter (Mar io Remix)" as mp3 or wav for free:
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